Laparoscopic resection of renal cysts

Assoc. Prof. Tsvetin Genadiev M.D. Phd.


The first private hospital in Sofia "Vita" Hospital offers its patients the most advanced technology for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and urinary stones the Cyber TM Thulium 150 Watt laser. The laser is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, stationed in the building of a multidisciplinary hospital.

Methods of treating prostate in "Vita Prostate Center"

"Vita Prostate Center" has all the classic modern endoscopic techniques for the treatment of prostate diseases.

How to diagnose BPH - popular as prostate adenoma?

The patient makes an appointment with a urologist. The urologist asks questions and listens to the story of the patient ragarding his complaints of micturition and other diseases.

When should a patient be diagnosed?

Patients visit urologist most frequently when they have complaints connected with micturition. It is important to know that prostate cancer originates mostly from the peripheral zone of the gland, relatively out of the way of the urine, which does not lead to abnormal urination. Therefore, patients with prostate cancer often have no symptoms and it is usually diagnosed accidentally.

How is prostate cancer diagnosed?

Diagnosis of prostate cancer has two stages - to detect suspected cancer and the second stage - to prove or disprove these doubts. These two stages run like this:

Prostate biopsy

A biopsy of the prostate is an established and proven method in the world practice.

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