Established 20 years ago, "Vita" is the first private medical facility in Sofia. The hospital has a long tradition of innovation. In an effort to offer world-class care for their patients, "Vita" invests in modern equipment and technology for the treatment of various diseases. The hospital works with proven professionals from over 20 areas of modern medicine. Most of them have specialized in different parts of the world and to this day continue to develop and learn to work with the latest technologies in medicine.


Among the most dynamic departments in "Vita" Hospital is the Department of Urology and "Vita Prostate Center" as part of it. Besides having spectacular specialists "Vita Prostate Center" has a new acquisition, namely Cyber TM Thulium 150 Watt laser. The laser is the most advanced method for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and urinary stones, and is the first of its kind in Bulgaria laser, stationed in multidisciplinary hospital.

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